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YOUR ENABLER IS: Fred Omorogbe (Admin)
Enabling Nigeria - Network Advertising Income generating System

Launched: 19th February, 2018  


An online, member-based, ADVERTISING NETWORK of RE-SELLERS… Collectively leveraging on the promotion of member products and services alongside system hosted RESELL-ABLE E-PRODUCTS via a transparently automated DIRECT PAYMENT PROCESSING PLATFORM with 100% INSTANT COMMISSION PAYMENTS DIRECT TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OF CHOICE; MEMBER TO MEMBER... Culminating in Financial Freedom for ALL.

Our primary product is Advertising. By joining us NOW, you're ensuring your success! We will provide you with a dedicated advertising platform where you can promote your personal business and services to both members and curious enthusiasts who visit our website daily... Delivering results to your business.

It also gives you the opportunity to earn great income with our embedded Matrix Income System with 100% commission payments directed to YOU... All within the comfort of your home.


  • Features:
  • Responsive Support team Gets your unlikely issues resolved promptly in real time.
  • Member to Member Messaging System Transparently easy communication between upline and downline members on the Network.
  • INSTANT Member to Member PAYMENTS... No need to "REQUEST", No Waiting to "CYCLE OUT", No Waiting to reach a "PAYOUT MINIMUM", No Waiting to hit “30%” return on investment.
  • Tons of Resell-able Digital Products... On Personal Development and Empowerment at your disposal.
  • Transparent, FREE TO JOIN... No recurring Monthly fee, No Admin fee.
  • Customized for Nigeria... Payments in Naira Direct to your Nigeria Bank Account.
  • Create your Very Own Quality Ads with Promotional Tools... Banner and Text Ads packs for promoting your private services on the network.
  • Automated Teamwork enforced ... For Fast Earnings for ALL members right from the very START.
  • Downline Builder with Graphical Genealogy Tree... Manage your downlines with ease.
  • Inbuilt Transactions Alert System... From your private Member Area in the comfort of your home. No Stories! Payment Alerts DIRECT to YOU; CONFIRMED by YOU!
  • Accepts International Participation... via BITCOIN Crypto-Currency online payment processor.


But you don’t have to take OUR word for it...






... Find out for yourself.



How to get started...

There are two (2) Membership Options to choose from...

  • LOCAL Membership
  • Nigeria Based, transaction in NAIRA, payment DIRECTLY to your Bank Account in Nigeria
  • GLOBAL Membership
  • International, transaction in DOLLARS, payment DIRECTLY to your BITCOIN online address


Get Enabled Now



* YOU assume your SPONSOR'S Membership type automatically at the point of registration based on the affiliate link used. However, registering from the System's Admin Default Home Page presents you with the option to choose your membership type. Each registration must be with a unique Username and E-mail.


Our system is NOT a Gifting Program or "Get-rich-quick" scheme. We truly offer a transparently realistic payment plan to earn while promoting personal businesses within the network; developing ourselves using the resell-able motivational digital products. Instead of collecting all commissions and paying them later, we designed the software to pay all 100% commissions Instantly and Directly to our enabled affiliate-members who earned it, and for them to equally enable others in and out of the system.


Check "FAQ" and "How it Works" for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Members’ area.

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