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Enabling Nigeria - Network Advertising Income generating System

About Us

In our quest for improved standard of living, we've often resorted to alternative means of... Making money online. Unfortunately… the bitter after-taste of failed alternatives over the past years meant the idea of making money online in Nigeria is naturally met with great skepticism. We got tired of the restrictions, limitations, waiting for returns on investments, transfer of "online dollar" to naira in our local bank(s)... To mention a few.


But then we pondered…

  • What if we CAN have ONE member-based, transparent, automated payment and advertising network system, CUSTOMIZED for NIGERIA, with 100% INSTANT and DIRECT commission payments that exudes trust right from the very start? No Scam or Risks!

  • What if the system-processed 100% commission payments; RATHER THAN being "Credits", "Token", "Vouchers" or  "e-wallet" payments... Are actually INSTANT and DIRECT CASH PAYMENTS into your bank account of choice right here in Nigeria (*local membership)?

    • No waiting to "Cycle out",

    • No waiting to reach a "Payout minimum" for withdrawals.

    • No waiting to get 30% returns on investment.

    • No  "requesting for Payout",

    • No "e-wallet-to-bank TRANSFER" needed, 

    • No "exchange rate CONVERSION" to consider,

    • No questions asked… Your money IN NAIRA DIRECT into your bank account of choice in Nigeria.

  • What if members are systematically AUTOMATED to help YOU succeed to ENSURE their own success too; enabling and empowering one another to success in an automated advertising and reseller network for personal development and financial empowerment, showcasing our products and services one to another.





My name is Fred Omorogbe... Average, fun-loving, everyday guy with over 16 year’s successful experience in Network (Internet) Marketing culminating in making money online. I am a proud Nigerian, an Engineer, Information Technologist, developer, webmaster, poet, infopreneur, affiliate marketer and the Admin at

In consultation with a team of professionals based on our combined online experiences with various money making membership programs; especially relating to flaws, scams, rejections and restrictions, We've put together a success-driven AUTOMATED system for ordinary people like us, tired of rejections, online gimmicks, scams, hypes, frustrations and empty promises by so called "gurus".

This platform is our humble contribution to enabling Nigerians ... yours truly inclusive :-),  (not exempting the Global populace)… To a transparent gateway to online wealth by simply leveraging on already hosted resell-able motivational digital products (with private label rights/master resale rights) embedded in an automated network advertising payment system, to stimulate personal development, self-actualization, financial empowerment and growth amongst its members.

It is a member-based networking platform for social Marketers/resellers utilizing a customized web-based Network Marketing application/interface that organize, automate and synchronize sales, commissions and marketing of member products/services and targeted resell-able motivational e-products all hosted within the replicated platform by leveraging on promotional efforts... Member to Member.

Everything about's system is transparently factual and realistic as you will come to understand right from the very start... YOU and every other purposeful person who found their way here are obviously like-minded in looking for legit and genuine ways of making money online. This system is therefore not about US alone... IT'S YOUR PROGRAM!!! That is the whole idea; It's all about TEAMWORK towards a common GOAL... Success for ALL!


The platform's product packages are niched on personal development and self-actualization and loaded with all the resources needed to present sales outlet both within and outside the platform stimulating personal development and growth by its use, promotion and resale with 100% commission which ensures systematic financial empowerment. It is also embedded with a robust network advertising platform that presents members' personally advertised products and services to others within and outside the network community. takes the hard work out of hosting, advertising and promoting YOUR goods and services by providing YOU with a networked community of WILLING BUYERS within the platform for seamless trading and transactions with INSTANT 100% commission paid DIRECTLY to YOU.

The network also strives to encourage a banking culture amongst its members by promoting direct bank deposits/e-transactions (LOCAL) and e-payment transactions (GLOBAL) as payment methods for sales within the platform. This will also greatly encourage the concept of e-transactions amongst Nigerians in support of e-banking and “cash-less” policy.

The platform also ensure transparency and accountability by taking advantage of the already existing secured and trusted local banking infrastructures and international online payment processors (like Payza) vis-à-vis transaction alert system, transaction log, widespread network of bank branches, internet and mobile banking, mobile money transfer etc. to track and manage transactions accurately without being involved in collection or disbursement of money. The system NEVER collect or request for money... ALL PAYMENTS ARE MADE INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY from MEMBER TO MEMBER.


The ultimate aim is to develop and sustain one another systematically via personal development goals by leveraging on each other’s effort at personal advertising, use and promotion of resell-able digital product packages within and outside the network; thereby enabling members’ entrepreneurial potentials locally and globally; towards growth and empowerment. Hereafter...




To OUR Collective Success,

Fred Omorogbe (Admin)