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Enabling Nigeria - Network Advertising Income generating System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Visit via your sponsor's active affiliate link or the admin default home page, Click "Register" or "Join Now" or "Get Enabled Now" button on the navigation bar or buttons provided and fill out the form as completely as possible. Enter your desired username, your email address (will be verified) etc. Check that your Sponsor's name is correctly displayed at the top of the screen, your email and username is also correctly entered because this cannot be changed later! Other information can however be updated in your member area after registration. Then enter the correct Capta Code and Accept the "Terms and Condition", finally click "Register" to complete the signup process. If registering as a Global Member , you'll need a BITCOIN wallet account.

No... ONE ACCOUNT PER MEMBERSHIP TYPE. You can however have ONE account each for both membership types if desired, but each must be with a unique username and email on the system. You are however advised to focus on one account only for maximized benefits.

The initial upgrade cost for Pay Level 1 is only a one-time out of pocket payment of $10 (Global Membership) payable via BITCOIN wallet to your sponsor for product package 1. OR N2000 (Local Membership) paid DIRECTLY to your sponsor's bank account.

Membership: LOCAL or (GLOBAL):

Stage 1:
# Level 1- You pay N2,000 | You get paid N2,000 x4 = N8,000 ($10x4 = $40)
# Level 2- You pay N4,000 | You get paid N4,000 x16 = N64,000 ($20x16 = $320)
# Level 3- You pay N6,000 | You get paid N6,000 x64 = N384,000 ($40x64 = $2,560)
# Level 4- You pay N8,000 | You get paid N8,000 x256 = N2,048,000 ($60x256 = $15,360)

Stage 1 total you get = N2,504,000 or ($18,280)

Stage 2 (10x your Earnings in Stage 1):
# Level 1- You pay N20,000 | You get paid N20,000 x4 = N80,000 ($100x4 = $520)
# Level 2- You pay N40,000 | You get paid N40,000 x16 = N640,000 ($200x16 = $4,160)
# Level 3- You pay N60,000 | You get paid N60,000 x64 = N3,840,000 ($400x64 = $33,280)
# Level 4- You pay N80,000 | You get paid N80,000 x256 = N20,480,000 ($600x256 = $153,600)

Stage 2 total you get = N25,040,000 or ($182,800)

TOTAL EARNINGS = N27,544,000 ($201,080)

Note: You only spend an initial out of pocket payment of N2000 or $10, the system generates the rest of the funding for you. See How It Works.

No. Your system's replicated site will appear on with your affiliate ID. You simply promote your affiliate link to refer new members. Your affiliate link is activated for use when you have made confirmed payment to your inviter/sponsor to purchase product package 1 and therefore activate your upgrade to membership level 1. Affiliate link is active for use from membership level 1 and above.

- Local Membership use the conventional Bank Account with existing methods of making payments using Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Direct Deposit etc (as convenient). It is advisable to use popular banking institutions in Nigeria with widespread network of branches for ease of payments to you.

- Global Membership use online payment processor (BITCOIN Wallet)... Uniform for all members to avoid payment problems of multiple processors.

No, there are no monthly fees or subscriptions and you will never be asked to pay anything twice. All payments per level are one-time payments from member to member.

No! Your account is activated and ready to RECEIVE INSTANT PAYMENTS the moment it is upgraded to Pay Level 1 or higher.

Your account is activated and ready to RECEIVE INSTANT PAYMENTS the moment it is upgraded to Pay Level 1 or higher. When you recruit new members in your downline, you get paid 100% commission DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY into your Bank Account OR BITCOIN Account, OR when your upline further recruits new members after receiving maximum payments for say level 1, you get spillover payments as downline to your recruiting sponsor for subsequent upgrade payments until you receive your own maximum for that level too. Before or When you have received maximum payments on one level, you upgrade to the next level for a chance to get paid more and also avoid missing out on payments from your more vibrant downlines who can only pay you up to the level you have reached and not higher. Therefore, your downline who is supposed to pay you when upgrading to level 3 cannot pay you if you are still on level 1 or level 2 on the system... the payment will be passed up to your upline who must be on level 3 or higher to receive the payment.

Here's a breakdown of your payment pattern:

Membership: LOCAL or (GLOBAL):

Stage 1:
# Level 1- Your 1st tier affiliates each pay you N2,000 x4 = N8,000 ($10x4 = $40)
# Level 2- Your 2nd tier affiliates each pay you N4,000 x16 = N64,000 ($20x16 = $320)
# Level 3- Your 3rd tier affiliates each pay you N6,000 x64 = N384,000 ($40x64 = $2,560)
# Level 4- Your 4th tier affiliates each pay you N8,000 x256 = N2,048,000 ($60x256 = $15,360)

Stage 1 total you get = N2,504,000 ($18,280)

Stage 2 (10x your Earnings in Stage 1):

# Level 5- 1st tier affiliates again each pay you N20,000 x4 = N80,000 ($100x4 = $520)
# Level 6- 2nd tier affiliates again each pay you N40,000 x16 = N640,000 ($200x16 = $3,200)
# Level 7- 3rd tier affiliates again each pay you N60,000 x64 = N3,840,000 ($400x64) = $25,600)
# Level 8- 4th tier affiliates each pay you N80,000 x256 = N20,480,000 ($600x256 = $153,600)

Stage 2 total you get = N25,040,000 ($182,800)

TOTAL EARNINGS = N27,544,000 ($201,080)

You get Paid faster that way as your direct recruits pays YOU 100% commission DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY! However, If your sponsor/upline is massively recruiting, you can also get paid from spillover payments from new recruits redirected to you by the system from your upline/sponsor who must have collected maximum number of payments for say level 1. Subsequent payments by recruits from your upline/sponsor will be spilled over to you (and other direct downlines of your uplines) for payments. This is also applicable in other levels (2 to 8).

Yes, the back office (member area) allows you to change your profile details. However, you cannot change your account's username and email.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your member area account at . On the member menu bar, Ensure that you have entered your payment information and Phone Number in the "payment/contact" and "profile" sections respectively

2. On the member menu bar, Click a link/button marked "Membership Upgrade".

3. Read the instructions provided on the upgrade page carefully, then click the "Pending Payment" link/button. This will display the account and contact information of the upline to be paid and amount to be paid to your the upline. A count down timer is also activated for 4hours during which you are expected to make the required payment into the upline's account and enter the transaction id in the ACTION submission box provided.

* For Global Membership, Log in to your BITCOIN account and make the required payment to your upline's BITCOIN account. The Memo section can be filled to indicate your username and upgrade level paid for as directed in the upgrade page.

* For Local Membership, you will be shown the Bank account information and contact details of the upline member you are to make payment to. Including Name, Bank Name and Account Number and contact details. Make the specified payment into the bank account of your upline.

4. Send your payment and obtain the transaction ID (reference number) for BITCOIN), or as given by your banking institution (say Teller number).

5. Enter the obtained Transaction ID for the payment details in the ACTION section of pending payment page for submission of your payment details and click "Submit".

The whole upgrade process has a deadline of 4 hours, otherwise cancel the process if you can't make payment and obtain the required details within the specified time frame. See instructions on the upgrade page.

Yes, you need to upgrade your account to at least Pay Stage 1 Level 1 in order to activate it and be able to receive payments. Only accounts with Pay Stage 1 Level 1 or higher are placed into the 4x4 forced matrix system. Each level has maximum payments receivable in ascending order.

IMPORTANT! Members can only receive payments up to their current membership levels. For example if you as a member, have paid for Stage 1 Level 1 and Stage 1 level 2 only, and someone from your tier 3 referrals decided to upgrade to say Stage 1 Level 3 (Satge 1 membership level 3 after upgrading through levels 1 and 2), the SYSTEM will PASS UP THIS PAYMENT to your more qualified upline (direct or indirect UpLine member that has already been upgraded to that Level). In other words, the system automatically chooses the very first member from this member's UpLine with a Stage 1 level 3 membership or higher who has not received maximum payments for that level.

A 4x4 Forced Matrix is a downline system with a limited number of members on each level. In our forced matrix you can only have 4 members directly paying you on your first downline level. Those 4 members can also only have 4 members each directly paying them on their first downline level and that's why your second downline level payments can only have 16 members in it and so on down 4 downline levels. Meaning your 4x4 forced matrix downline will have a maximum of 4, 16, 64 and 256 paying members listed on downline levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. If you or your upline would sponsor more than the number of members allowed per downline level, they would be spilled to the next downline level. This is called Spillover! The power of our program lies in the forced nature of our No-wait upgrades, downline builder and spillover structure. Everybody helps each other by providing spillover and spillunder when they sponsor more people than their downline levels can hold hence helping their downlines to get paid faster via spillover... so they can get paid faster for upgrades. It's a one for all and all for one set-up.

Yes! You could invite ANY number of people and they will be placed in your matrix. The first FOUR will pay you for level 1 upgrade while payments from subsequent recruits from you (after you must have received maximum payments for the level) will be spilled over to your direct downlines (all in your matrix) to help your downline grow faster... Which helps you grow faster as your downlines pay you EVEN MORE for higher Upgrades/product packages at various other Levels.

A Pay Stage/Level (Stage 1 to 2/Levels 1 to 4) is the stage/level of membership you have upgraded your account to that enables you to receive upgrade payments up to that Pay Stage/Level. Every teir downline has 2 Pay Stages/Levels that you will be able to get paid on.

Your Teir 1 Downlines pay you for their Pay Stage 1 Level 1 and Pay Satge 2 Level 1 upgrades.
Your Teir 2 Downlines pay you their Pay Stage 1 Level 2 and Pay Stage 2 Level 2 upgrades.
Your Teir 3 Downlines pay you for their Pay Stage 1 Level 3 and Pay Satge 2 Level 3 upgrades.
Your Teir 4 Downlines pay you their Pay Stage 1 Level 4 and Pay Stage 2 Level 4 upgrades.

No, you cannot skip a Pay Level as this would be considered cheating. The system has been designed to have everyone upgrade Pay Level by Pay Level. You also wouldn't want to miss a Pay Level upgrade from your downline. Any member that does skip a Pay Level upgrade by not paying for it is considered a cheat and removed from the program without warning!

No. You must make payment to your Direct Referrer (UpLine) for product package 1 following the instructions in your Enablenigeria account. Your link will become active as soon as the recipient of your payment confirms your payment information from his back-office. You will be notified by mail about this. If you do not send your payment within 5 days grace period for free membership to upgrade, your account will be deleted from the system and you will be required to register afresh.

After you made the payment to your upline, they have a maximum of 2 days to confirm your upgrade before you can ask the admin to check and force the upgrade. You will however be provided with the upline's contact information from the system for follow-up to persuade your paid upline to promply confirm your payment on the system. Please be patient and allow your upline to confirm your upgrade as soon as they can. If they don't confirm your upgrade within 2 days after paying them, you can contact the admin to investigate after submitting your payment proof.

This can happen if you are still a FREE member. You CANNOT refer people with membership level 0 (free member) status, You will not see your referrals in your downline due to Enablenigeria' Design and Plan (ONLY upgraded members can sponsor new members/affiliates via their ACTIVATED affiliate link as a result of membership upgrade to at least STAGE 1 LEVEL 1).

This indicates one of your downline members has paid you for their upgrade level and is waiting for you to confirm OR decline the payment claim.

MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY BY CHECKING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT (or PAYZA ACCOUNT as appropriate) BEFORE CONFIRMING or DECLINING UPGRADES! Log into your account and you should see the confirmatory payment message. If you verified the receipt of the payment, you can then confirm the upgrade. Otherwise, decline and inform the downline.

Yes! But you will loose all your membership level upgrade status and will need to start afresh as you will be registered as a free member (Level 0) under the affiliate/sponsor you decide to join through.

A Transaction ID is a unique number that is generated upon successful completion of a transaction. It can be found in your transaction activity box when you are logged into your BITCOIN account (AKA Reference Number).

Bank Account transactions also generate unique transaction ID OR Teller Number for LOCAL membership.

A Grace period is the number of days ( typically 5 days), given for a member to upgrade to the next level after getting all the benefits on a particular level. The system does not support dormancy at any level after receiving maximum total payments for that level, you either upgrade to the next level by paying your upline for the next product package/level upgrade within the five days grace period ( after your last confirmed payment for that level) or have your account terminated at that level. You go with your gains. Grace period is not activated until you must have received MAXIMUM CONFIRMED PAYMENTS for each pay level that you upgrade to. You may upgrade to higher Pay Levels at any time before or during the "period of grace" ("grace period" is activated immediately after registration for FREE members OR after receiving ALL (MAXIMUM) allowed payments per PAY level for ACTIVATED members)...

For example, BEGINNING from Level 1, Grace period is ONLY activated:

- When in level 1, After you have received 4 (four) confirmed payments (which is maximum for level 1),
- When in level 2, After receiving 16 (sixteen) confirmed payments for level 2 upgrades,
- When in Level 3, After receiving 64 (sixty-four) confirmed payments for level 3 upgrades,
- When in level 4 , After receiving 256 (Two hundred and fifty six) confirmed payments in level 4...
- The process repeats itself from level 5 to level 7 again where Grace Period is activated after receiving 4, 16, 64 and 256 confirmed payments for each level respectively.

Your account will be deemed "dormant" and terminated if you don't upgrade before the expiration of the grace period if activated on any of the levels as stated above. It is also recommended that you upgrade as quickly as possible and to the highest possible Pay Level you can afford to avoid termination or losing any downline upgrade payments. This is a system setting applicable to ALL to discourage dormancy/redundancy after receiving your maximum payments per level and encourage progressive earnings for all.

No, we do not offer any kind of refunds as the nature of our program does not allow it. All payments for purchases are for instantly downloadable digital products and payments are direct from member to member.

Use the Password Retrieval option at the Member Login console to ask the system to send you a new password. Just enter your registered email address and click Retrieve Password. Please allow a couple of minutes for the email to get to you.

Ensure that you have verified your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address to verify your email... This activates your login information. Otherwise, your login details are invalid. If you have verified your email as stated and know your login details or you have requested a new password, make sure you enter the details manually by typing them into the login box. Copy and paste from an email may sometimes have trailing spaces. If needed, copy and paste onto a text editor like notepad then copy and paste again from the text editor after you checked for extra spaces and removed them.

Check that you have either updated your payment details in the "payment details" tab in your member area OR ensure that your payment to your upline for former upgrade has been confirmed by the paid upline. You will find the status of your former upgrade payment on your member area dashboard.

See How it Works then clarify with your Sponsor before Contacting Our Support Team